Wiede u. Partner

Steuerberatungsgesellschaft mbB

The story of our office and what we are doing

More than 60 years ago, on March 1st 1950 our senior partner Mr. Hans-Gerhart Wiede founded a tax-service wholesaler in Hamburg, Germany.

First managed as an individual taxoffice, the firm later developed through the initiation of futher tax consultans into a proffessional partnership. On January 1st 2000 it was than registered as a tax consultant association in the statuatory form of a partnership.

In addition to the ordonary services like payroll- and general accounting, balance sheets and tax declarations that are dealt with by 14 subject specialists ( wage accountants ), we advise foreign enterprises, that are represented in Germany through a permanent establishment, equity interests or a subsidiary company, or would like to do so in future.

We help with the fondation and reconstruction of establishmants of all kinds and assist the budgeting and financing.

We provide monthly managerial evaluations and annual and interim balance sheets, upon request as well in Italian or English.

Economy consultancy in the areas of the succession to an enterprise and the inheritance tax, we regard as futher points of gravity of our service.

On extremly difficult matters of the law of associations, as for example the setting up, transformation, liquidation and insolvency of buisinesses, the law of sucession, contracts between spouses etc. the intense co-operation with the professional partnership with lawyers in Hamburg.